Nilkamal Plastics Ltd. is Asia’s largest plastic processor of moulded products. Thier array of furniture products includes range of chairs from premier chairs, baby chairs, chair shells, dining tables,center tables, stools, racks, trolleys, school benches to planters. Available in variety of colours and designs; these not only bring appeal to your living space but also provide you with best in style and durability.


Sleepwell is recognised in India as a specialist who provides state of the art sleep support solutions that lead to good health and serenity in our daily lives. A flagship brand of Sheela group, it is ISO 9001 certified Company. Sleepwel  mattresses ensure that the spine of an individual is supported in the correct alignment and the pressure on localized pressure points is avoided. Formed with the block of highest density of Rebounded foam, the mattresses have highly attractive covers in top range cloth.


Restolex manufactures mattresses and other sleep products. A pioneer in the production and marketing of sleep products, Restolex has, over three decades, combined intensive R&D with top-of-the-line international expertise. Today, Restolex products are easily comparable to the finest brands available, both in India and abroad.